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EWQ Systems – Complete solution for customer flow management and digital marketing

EWQ Systems is a solution to quick and effective customer communication. The system is developed and manufactured in Finland and includes both customer flow management and digital store marketing.

Over 3500 EWQ systems have been installed in Finland and worldwide export is increasing. Currently Eurosec has distributors in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Morocco, Ghana and Russia.

EWQ Systems is a registered trademark of Eurosec Oy.

EWQ Systems Overview

 The benefits of wireless technology

Due to EWQ’s wireless technology, cables between the different components of the system are not needed. The ticket units and displays can freely be placed in positions, where they serve the customer flow and marketing in the best possible way. No installation expertise is needed; anyone can install the EWQ.

Coherent content management

The maintenance and update of the digital signages’ and electronic shelf labels’ content is simple and doesn’t require extra work or adjustment. Instead of various management systems for different displays, all management and production can be handled by one system.

Finnish technology

EWQ Systems is developed and manufactured in Finland. Finnish quality and technology have been the cornerstone of the operations from the beginning. The whole EWQ product family is being developed together which guarantee seamless integration between EWQ products.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted the Key Flag Symbol to EWQ Wireless Queue Management System. This symbol indicates that the product is manufactured in Finland. Finnish quality is very important in EWQ Wireless Queue Management and it has been a matter of honor to keep the degree of domestic origin at a very high level. Finnish know-how, quality and trustworthiness are also vital success factors for worldwide export.


EWQ Systems

Introducing EWQ-Touch Ticket Unit

Touch display as a media

EWQ-Touch 2.17 with touch display is a ticket unit that combines customer guidance and marketing. The 17” big display provides screen area for variety of tailored interfaces and serves also as a marketing media. Product information, campaigns and other customer information can be shown by text, pictures and even video (JPG, GIF).


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